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Due to heightened restrictions at all airports, visit for the Transportation Security Administration´s (TSA) recommendations on what to wear to the airport, and make the start of your Vamos Expeditions trip as trouble-free as possible.

Functional Tip: Dressing for the Weather

Temperatures are comfortably warm year-round. Most of your clothing should be lightweight, loose fitting, and made of cotton. You’ll want good, light rain gear. Especially from May to October, it can rain almost every afternoon, so you’ll want rain gear you are comfortable in, and dry footwear, such as light hiking boots with a built-in Gore-tex liner.

If you like to hand-wash your clothes, bring socks and underwear made of silk or cotton/synthetic blends which will dry out overnight.

You can buy shirts and pants designed for travel in a tropical climate. These clothes are made of comfortable cotton/synthetic blends, and will dry out faster.

You’ll be on your feet and walking a lot, so choose your footwear carefully. You can find especially supportive shoes designed for walking. Light hiking boots might be useful on some days.

Casual and Functional

Dress on our trip is functional and casual. Formal clothing is not necessary.


The following list was compiled by our Trip Leaders in Central America, with many suggestions from past OAT travelers. You will need every item, except those listed as optional. You won’t need much else, and you won´t have room for much else in your duffel.

All Season

• Short-sleeved cotton shirts – 4 or 5. Polo-style shirts are more versatile than T-shirts.
• Long-sleeved cotton shirts – 2, for sun protection.
• Trousers: two pairs, lightweight and loose fitting. Avoid tight-fitting jeans.
• Walking shorts, long-cut for modesty – 2.
• Underwear – 5 or 7 changes.
• Light rain jacket or poncho with hood or hat.
• Wide-brim sun hat.
• Swimsuit. Bring 1 or 2 pairs.
• Walking shorts, long-cut for modesty.

May – October

Rain Pants. (Due to the tropical weather, it may rain anytime of the year.)


• Running or walking shoes (optional). Look for shoes with good arch support.
• Socks — 7 pairs.
• Sport sandals with straps on the front and back (not flip flops). Good brands include Dunham, Tevas, Nike, Clarke, Merrell, and others. (Optional) Light hiking boots. Not essential as the trip does not include heavy hiking, but bring them if you prefer their extra cushioning, ankle support, and traction.


Use your day bag / backpack as carry-on luggage for your flights. In it pack a change of clothes, camera gear, all medications, several changes of socks and underwear, and other irreplaceable or breakable items.

To have a varied travel wardrobe—yet keep your luggage light—we recommend you select a color scheme that can be mixed to create different outfits.