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    “My Vamos Expeditions’ leader was a superb travel planner and tour guide. I have found her to be very detailed and always on top of the situation even when faced with problems which seemed to be out of anyone's control. It is worth every cent and a whole lot more.” see more

    Lee Dardis
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Lonely Planet Chile & Easter Island by Wayne Bernhardson. From the fjords of the Patagonian Andes to the night life of Santiago, this guide offers abundant tips for discovering Chile. Includes 90 detailed maps and a Spanish language guide.

Travel Memoirs

Travels in a Thin Country: A Journey Through Chile by Sara Wheeler. The author recounts her 2,600-mile solo trip from the top of Chile down to its tip. “Always lively and informative, sketching in the history with a light but sure touch…she admirably conveys the mood of contemporary Chile.” –The New Statesman.


A History of Chile, 1808-1994 by Simon Collier. Published by Cambridge University Press, this book traces Chile’s development from its independence until the 1994 inauguration of Eduardo Frei. The study explains how the country evolved politically from a nation dominated by a small aristocracy into a democracy.

Chile: The Great Transformation by Javier Martinez. Two Chilean scholars and activists provide an analysis of the socioeconomic and political changes that transformed their country between 1970 and 1990–the period known as that of “the Chilean miracle.”