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Due to heightened restrictions at all airports, visit for the Transportation Security Administration´s (TSA) recommendations on what to wear to the airport, and make the start of your Vamos Expeditions trip as trouble-free as possible.

You will experience a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Our list suggests several layers of clothing, so you can adjust to warmer and cooler conditions. You’ll want fairly good-quality rain gear for the Andes and your jungle visit. Most of your clothing can be made of cotton or cotton-synthetic blends. If you like to hand-wash your clothes, bring socks and underwear made of silk, synthetics, or a cotton-synthetic blend which will dry out overnight. Although in almost all the cities it is possible to get your clothes washed for you. You can buy clothing designed especially for travel.

Dress on our trip is functional and casual. Women might want to bring one dress and a pair of dressier sandals. Your dress should be somewhat conservative, in respect of South America’s traditional culture. Don’t bring to sexy sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or short shorts.

The following list was compiled by our Trip Leaders in Bolivia, with many suggestions from past South America travelers. You will need every item, except those listed as optional. You won’t need much else, and you won´t have room for much else in your duffel.
All Season
• Short-sleeved cotton shirts – 4 or 5. Or Polo-style shirts.
• Long-sleeved cotton shirts – 2
• Trousers: two or three pairs, comfortable and loose-fitting. Avoid tight-fitting jeans.
• Walking shorts, long-cut for modesty – 2
• Underwear – 7 or 8 changes
• Light rain jacket with hood. A lightweight, waterproof/breathable jacket, such as one made from GoreTex, can do double-duty as a windbreaker
• Light wool or fleece sweater
• Polartec fleece jacket, or heavy wool sweater
• Wide-brim sun hat

June – October
• Light wool or fleece sweater
• Polartec jacket
• Rain jacket

November – March
• Light rain jacket with hood (made of breathable material)
Optional Clothing


• Light hiking boots are the best footwear for your trip. You need the ankle support of a high-topped shoe and a sole with lots of traction.
• Running or walking shoes. Look for shoes with good arch support.
• Socks–7 pairs. One or two pairs should be medium- to heavy-weight hiking socks.
• Sandals, choose a pair with a secure ankle strap, such as Tevas.

For the Amazon:
“Mud shoes.” Bring a pair of old or very inexpensive sneakers. These are used in the Amazon area for hiking on trails that may be wet, muddy, or submerged.

To have a varied travel wardrobe—yet keep your luggage light—we recommend you select a color scheme and pack color-coordinated pants, shirts, skirts, sweaters, etc. that can be mixed to create different outfits.