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  • About trip: Pura Vida! in Costa Rica

    About trip: Pura Vida! in Costa Rica The trip exceeded far my expectations! I’ve taken many organized tours with different companies such as Contiki, Trafalgar and Studiosus. This has been the best organized and most enjoyable tour I’ve taken, due in large part to the efforts and friendliness of Annelies. Great job!!! see more

    Candice Aebi
    United States
  • Vamos Expeditions

    “If you want to travel in Latin America, I can definitely recommend Vamos Expeditions. I know Annelies as a “colleague”, leading trips for Venture Europe and as a “customer” taking part in a Vamos Expeditions trip through Central America. Annelies is a very warm person,... see more

    Nancy Van Heurck
    United States
  • About trip: Coast to Coast in Costa Rica

    About trip: Coast to Coast in Costa Rica To say it in one word: perfecto! The rainforest in Rara Avis, the boat trip to the north, horse riding around the lake Arenal, seeing the eruption of the Volcano, the hot springs, just all unforgettable! see more

    Carol van Meiracker
  • About trip: Pura Vida! in Costa Rica

    About trip: Pura Vida! in Costa Rica Was a wonderful sampler for a definite return trip to Costa Rica. I thought it was great to have two nights in every place. The locations were very well chosen. Highlights of the trip: fellow travelers, hot springs, animals and vegetation, experienced tour guide, rainbows and falling Stars,... see more

    Hilary Howarth
  • About trip: Coast to Coast in Costa Rica

    About trip: Coast to Coast in Costa Rica Both coasts were fantastic, as well were la Fortuna and Monteverde. The food we had in the ‘Sodas’ was delicious, filling and cheap! I think we couldn’t have been more lucky with our tour leader. She knew so much about the small details about Costa Rican traditions, life and... see more

    Genevieve Lussier
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Costa Rica > General Information

Area: 19,929 square miles
Capital: San Jose
Government type: Democratic republic
Languages: Spanish (official), English
Literacy rate: 94.8%
Location: At 19,929 square miles, Costa Rica is slightly smaller in area than West Virginia. It borders Nicaragua on its north, Panama on the southeast, the Pacific Ocean on the west and southwest, and the Caribbean Sea on the northeast.
Major Religions: Roman Catholic (76.3%), Evangelical (13.7%)
Population (2004 est.): 3,956,507
Time zones: Costa Rica’s time zone is the equivalent of U.S. Central Time. When it is noon anywhere in Costa Rica, it is 1 pm in New York (Eastern Time), and 10 am in California (Pacific Time).
Daylight savings time: Costa Rica does not observe daylight-savings time. Therefore, during daylight-savings time in the U.S., the time in your Costa Rican destinations will be two hours behind Eastern Time, one hour behind U.S. Central time, and one hour ahead of Pacific Time.
January 1—New Year´s Day
March 19—St. Joseph’s Day
March or April—Holy Week (moveable dates, the Thursday and Friday before Easter.)
April 11—Juan Santamaria’s Day
May 1—Labor Day
June 29—St. Peter & St. Paul’s Day
July 25—Guanacaste Day
August 2—Virgin of Los Angeles Day
August 15—Mother’s Day
September 15—Independence Day
October 12—Columbus Day
December 8—Immaculate Conception
December 25—Christmas Day

Business hours during holidays: Banks, public offices, and many stores close during Costa Rican national holidays. On the Thursday and Friday before Easter, no buses run and the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Many businesses are closed for the entire week before Easter. On all holidays, and often the days immediately before and after them, public transportation may be limited.