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  • About trip: Pura Vida! in Costa Rica

    About trip: Pura Vida! in Costa Rica The trip exceeded far my expectations! I’ve taken many organized tours with different companies such as Contiki, Trafalgar and Studiosus. This has been the best organized and most enjoyable tour I’ve taken, due in large part to the efforts and friendliness of Annelies. Great job!!! see more

    Candice Aebi
    United States
  • Vamos Expeditions

    “If you want to travel in Latin America, I can definitely recommend Vamos Expeditions. I know Annelies as a “colleague”, leading trips for Venture Europe and as a “customer” taking part in a Vamos Expeditions trip through Central America. Annelies is a very warm person,... see more

    Nancy Van Heurck
    United States
  • About trip: Coast to Coast in Costa Rica

    About trip: Coast to Coast in Costa Rica To say it in one word: perfecto! The rainforest in Rara Avis, the boat trip to the north, horse riding around the lake Arenal, seeing the eruption of the Volcano, the hot springs, just all unforgettable! see more

    Carol van Meiracker
  • About trip: Pura Vida! in Costa Rica

    About trip: Pura Vida! in Costa Rica Was a wonderful sampler for a definite return trip to Costa Rica. I thought it was great to have two nights in every place. The locations were very well chosen. Highlights of the trip: fellow travelers, hot springs, animals and vegetation, experienced tour guide, rainbows and falling Stars,... see more

    Hilary Howarth
  • About trip: Coast to Coast in Costa Rica

    About trip: Coast to Coast in Costa Rica Both coasts were fantastic, as well were la Fortuna and Monteverde. The food we had in the ‘Sodas’ was delicious, filling and cheap! I think we couldn’t have been more lucky with our tour leader. She knew so much about the small details about Costa Rican traditions, life and... see more

    Genevieve Lussier
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Costa Rica > What to Wear?


Due to heightened restrictions at all airports, visit for the Transportation Security Administration´s (TSA) recommendations on what to wear to the airport, and make the start of your Vamos Expeditions trip as trouble-free as possible.


A good rule of thumb is to gather together everything you want to bring; then bring half of that. Eliminate all but the essentials and start packing a few days before you leave. That way, you´ll have time to think—not worry—about what you might be forgetting. Remember, too, that you will probably be buying gifts and souvenirs; leave ample room for them in your luggage.


In this age of informality, low-key seasonal apparel is perfectly acceptable at each of your destinations. Basic pants, shirts, walking shorts, everyday dresses and skirts, supportive shoes, and functional outdoor clothes are recommended. Men do not need jackets and ties; women do not require fancy dresses or high-heeled shoes. A small selection of your favorite everyday outfits is fine for all activities, including dinners. For the travel days, you’ll want to wear loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. Remember to include appropriate attire for any sports and relaxation activities in which you plan to participate: swimming, walking, jogging, etc.


You’ll want good, light rain gear all year round, Consider that from April to December it will rain almost every afternoon, so you’ll want rain gear you are comfortable in, and dry footwear, such as light hiking boots with a built-in Gore-tex liner.


You’ll be on your feet and walking a lot, so choose your footwear carefully. You can find especially supportive shoes designed for walking. Light hiking boots might be useful on some days. We recommend bringing water-going footwear if you are interested for your raft ride—your choice of waterproof sandals, boating shoes, beach shoes, neoprene booties, or “aqua shoes.”


To have a varied travel wardrobe—yet keep your luggage light—we recommend you select a color scheme and pack color-coordinated pants, shirts, skirts, sweaters, etc. that can be mixed to create different outfits.

Use your day bag / backpack as carry-on luggage for your flights. In it pack a change of clothes, camera gear, all medications, several changes of socks and underwear, and other irreplaceable or breakable items.