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La Ruta Sipan: Peru Northern Coast and Highland

La Ruta Sipan: Peru Northern Coast and Highland
Day 1. Lima - Caral – Huanchaco
You’ll be picked up early in the morning at your hotel in Lima to start our trip along the coast to the north of Peru with our private vehicle. Our first stop is Caral, the oldest city and civilization of the Americas, a very unique place of nearly 5000 years old. In Caral the magic of the past will look you straight in the eye and challenges you to imagine the genius spirits of the ancient Peruvians. We explore this magnificent site with a local expert. After Lunch we continue our journey to Huanchaco Beach, a place where local fishermen still surf the waves on little reed boats in the exact way their ancient Moche ancestors. We watch the sunset on the beach and spend the night in Trujillo.

Day 2. Trujillo - Chan Chan and the Moche Temples of the Sun & the Moon
Today we visit “Chan-Chan”, that was once the capital of the Chimu Empire, the largest pre-Columbian city in South America. The vast city of Chan Chan was entirely build with mud and adobe bricks around AD 850 and lasted until its conquest by the Inca Empire in AD 1470. On the walls you may observe amazing carvings representing waves, currents, fish, pelicans and other amazing symbols related to the ocean.
After lunch we visit the Moche Temples of the Sun and the Moon. Our local guide will show you around and explain you everything about this pyramidal shaped temples, their impressive wall paintings and Moche rituals. We spend another night in the colorful colonial town of Trujillo.

Day 3. Tucume
In the morning we bring a visit to the Museum of the Lady of Cao. A mystical princess, a leader, a priestess provided with big shamanic powers who represented the most important authority Mochica, one of the most important people of ancient Peru. The Priestess of Cao with her tattoo’s of snakes extended in both arms was recently featured in a worldwide documentary on National Geographic. At the museum you will find all the ornaments and ceramics found in the grave. Entering to the archaeological center is a walk towards the enigmatic thing and the unknown due to the complex symbology represented in the murals, related to rituals of death and the cosmos.

We continue our journey to Tucume, another archeological site of unique beauty. There you will see more than twenty adobe pyramids which are nestled in an area full of wildlife and abundant vegetation. We check in to our beautiful rural lodge surrounded by field of beans, rice and maize and a small forest of algarrobo (carob) tree and at only a few meters from the lodge we find a world of history in the Pyramids of Tucume, all approximately forthy meters high, built with adobe bricks and algarrobo tree beams. We enjoy the sunset over the pyramides and enjoy the peaceful green areas for rest where native birds can be heard singing. A pool is also available for us and the local staff assusres an exclusive meal service.

Day 4. Chachapoyas
After a succelent breakfast, we continue our journey to the area of Chachapoyas, the Capital of the Amazonas province. On the way you will see the landscape change dramatically into green lush cloudforest. We spend the night at the charming Gocta lodge situated right in front of the Gocta waterfalls. This lodge will be our perfect base camp to explore the Andes mountains of Chachapoyas in the next days.

Day 5. Chachapoyas - Gocta Falls
We make a hike to get close to the waterfalls. Along the trails surrounded by orchids, bromeliads and ferns, located in a natural reserv, birdwatchers can also find an interesting birding location.

Day 6. Chachapoyas - Kuelap
Two hours from the lodge through a lovely mountain road crossing traditional Andean villages we find the Fortress of Kuelap, also known as the ´Machu Picchu of the North´. We visit this amazing site that was build by the Chachapoyas culture or the ´Warriors of the Clouds´ . After the guided tour, we’ll go to the watch-tower to get a unique view of the whole complex, from where Kuelap giant’s walls and the whole extension of the fortress could be fully appreciated. We return to our lodge to spend the night.

Day 7. Chachapoyas - Karajilla
Today you learn more about the ´Cloud People´ or Chachapoyas culture with a visit to the archeological site of Karajilla. ONe of the distinctive characteristics of the Chachapoyas culture is its clifside cemetries. At Karajilla bizzare sacrophagi in the form of highly stylized human figurs are perched on ledges of a cliff face. The burials were constructed of clay over a framework and painted to represent human figures, then carefully placed on a sheltered ledge where they have survived the centuries since the passing of the Chachapoyas people.

Day 8. Cajamarca
We leave Chachapoyas behind and continue our journey toward Cajamarca. Again you will enjoy the change of landscapes on the way as we will drive higher in to the highlands in the Andes. The department of Cajamarca is characterized by slight slopes and highlands relatively low in comparison to the rest of the Peruvian Andes and the territory is made up of numerous valleys and gorges. After a long drive, we check into the beautiful Hotel & Spa Laguna Seca where you can enjoy rejuvenating baths in the geo-thermal water that flows from its own spring.

Day 9. Cajamarca: Cumbemayo and Otuzco
We visit the area around Cajamarca with a visit to the pre-Inca ‘Windows of Otuzco’ and the Cumbe Mayo area with a combination of impressive aquaducs and stone forest. Cumbe Mayo is one of those places full of hidden little secrets, caves filled with petrogyphs, precarious paths through fields of standing stones and ingious ancient architecture. The later afternoon is free for you to explore the town center known for its colonial and baroque architecture and you can relax in the hotsprings.

Day 10. Cajamarca - Tucume
We leave the Andes behind and travel back to the coast. After a nice seafood lunch near Pacasmayo we visit the modern Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum in the town of Lambayeque, that contains extraordinary gold pieces. We spend the night in Horcones de Tucume Rural Lodge.

Day 11. Sechura – Los Organos
We travel to the province of Piura through one of the driest deserts in the world, called the “Sechura Desert”, with its dunes and desert landscapes next to the Ocean. We make some stops to visit coastal villages and beaches to eat ceviche and we spend the night at a beach called Los Organos.

Day 12. Los Organos
Wake up at one of the most beautiful beaches of Peru, an excellent place to relax, enjoy the sun, the relaxing sound of the ocean and this peaceful environment. You have some free time to relax today, in the afternoon we take you on a beautiful boat trip to Mancora to watch the sunset.

Day 13. Los Organos
Today we take you on another beautiful tour to watch the marine life in this area. We go with a boat to Cabo Blanco and stop on the way to snorkel and fish. We have a chance to see sea lions, turtles, many birds and possibly dolphins. In the season of August and September we offer you a tour to watch whales from closely!

The afternoon is free for you to relax. If you want some action you can rent a surf board and catch some waves, or watch the local fisherman and observe their activities at the peer. Tonight you have a sea food BBQ included to celebrate the last night of our wonderful time in the North of Peru.

Day 14. Lima
A transfer will bring you to the airport (of Tumbes or Piura) for your flight back to Lima.