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Peru introduces new stricter rules for visiting Machu Picchu

Since January 1st 2019 stricter regulations apply to enter Machu Picchu, Peru.

Machu Picchu is unarguably one of the most famous and visited sites in South-America. The number of visitors to Machu Picchu keeps growing each year and the increased traffic in Machu Picchu village and at the entrance of the archeological site is becoming Machu Picchu´s curse. To protect the famous site for future generations the government has been introducing since May 2017 stricter rules to visit. Starting from January 1st 2019 even stricter and new admission rules have been imposed to visit the citadel.

Below we give you the latest update of these new admission rules:

  1. Machu Picchu entrance tickets will be sold with an exact entrance time. From now on there will be 6 different entrance times in the morning at exactly 06:00, 07:00, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00 and 11:00. And 3 different entrance times in the afternoon at: 12.00, 13:00 and 14:00 to visit Machu Picchu. For each time their is a limited amount of people. Especially the earlier morning tickets are sold out usually the fastest. The time will be clearly visible on the visitor’s entrance ticket and the government of Peru communicated that entrance will NOT BE GRANTED before the time indicated on the ticket. The purpose of this is to streamline the traffic inside and around Machu Picchu to be able to offer a better service and an unforgettable experience for all visitors. To adopt these changes the government made agreements with several strategical partners such the only shuttle bus company CONSETTUR (who brings people up to Machu Picchu by a 20-minute zig-zag ride on the steep mountain slope from the little town of Aguas Calientes). They will board people only according to their tickets entrance time to avoid big unnecessary queues at the bus stop and at the entrance gate of the famous Inca town. As well the two train companies PERU RAIL and INKARAIL agreed to communicate the new admission rules per hours on board of their trains and wagons towards Machu Picchu.
  2. All visitors will follow a pre-established circuit through Machu Picchu. Visitors will make a loop through the Inca City visiting the Intihuatan, the Temple of the Three Windows, the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Condor, the Main Square, its terraces and more. At the end you will be taken back to the entrance-exit gate. Once you go out you won’t be able to go back in.
  3. You can only enter once. The toilets are located just outside of the entrance-exit gate so it’s important to go to the toilet before you enter. If you need to go to the toilet during your visit to Machu Picchu you won’t be able to re-enter into the archeological site.
  4. You are obliged to visit the site with a professional local guide. The guided tour typically takes 2,5 hour.
  5. You can now maximum stay for 4 hours inside Machu Picchu. Before you could either buy a morning or an afternoon ticket. So you can stay shorter time than before. People who buy a ticket of Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu Mountain Permit can stay 4 hours in the city. (these are limited tickets: 3 times 100 tickets per day). The hikers that want to climb Mt. Machu Picchu should buy 2 tickets as this route is to long to hike in 4 hours + the guided tour. Also hikers that come from the Inca Trail can stay maximum 4 hours inside Machu Picchu. And finally:
  6. no more single-use plastic in Machu Picchu. Since January 1st 2019 no more single-use plastic is allowed in Machu Picchu and all other National Parks, cultural sites and museums in Peru. You won’t be able to buy single-use plastic bottles around the parks and are not allowed to bring them in.

It´s important to note that these regulations can be changed at any time by the governmental institutions without much prior notice.

An overview of the ticket prices you can check here: Ticket Machu Picchu.

As an licensed operator for Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, we understand that our authorities in Peru have to keep looking for improvements and that they are making these changes it in an attempt to manage crowding, easing the stress on the fragile ruins with the greater good in mind, keeping Machu Picchu in great shape and accessible for future travellers. Vamos Expeditions is an active member of the Peruvian Association of Adventure and Ecotourism (APTAE), with whom we are participating in conversations with our governmental institutions to steer these regulations in the right direction and how specific problems will be handled.

With our team of Vamos Expeditions we are always to help you prepare the best trip in Peru and Latin America for you or your clients, to assist and answer all your questions.

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