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Discover the natural and cultural wonders of Chile with us. From Santiago and the wine region, to the Atacama Desert with its bright star heavens, to wind-swept Patagonia and the mysteries of Easter Island. This long and thin country has a lot to offer for active travelers, nature lovers and life-enjoyers.


Need to know


Spanish (and 6 additional nativelanguages)

Local currency

The official currency is the Chilean peso

Santiago is the capital of the country


National dish

Chilean wines areof very high quality


Rains have never been registred in the Atacama Desert Chile

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Rapa Nui or Easter Island, is the Chilean Polynesia. More than a thousand moai are the silent witnesses of a complex society. Explore its pink sand beaches, volcanoes and grasslands and discover the intriguing culture of the people.

The North and Atacama Desert is considered as the driest and most arid desert on the planet and one of the best places in the world for stargazing.  Small villages that keep their ancestral cultures intact, oasis, salt flats, geysers and lagoons.

In the Central area of Chile, the most modern city life (Santiago, Valparaiso) and the local traditions coexist. Enjoy the beaches and excellent ski slopes. Further to the south you can enjoy unique scenic beauty and cultural heritage of its native people: the Mapuche, millenary forests, rivers, lakes, volcanoes, natural hotsprings and national parks.

Patagonia: Infinite and wild beauty, full of mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests and steppes. Nature in this part of the world remains unchanged.

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