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Tito La Rosa: Principios de Vida

Hear and feel the soul of ancient sounds in the Sacred Valley of the Incas with Tito La Rosa.and the ...
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Ticonata is a small island in Lake Titicaca. We started to cooperate with the community almost 20 years when we ...
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Inclusive and social Tourism: What it is and why it matters

"Whether disabilities are temporally or permanently, physically or mentally, it doesn't matter if its only one person or a group, ...
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Vamos Expeditions is now a Certified B Corporation!

Nine months ago, Vamos Expeditions embarked on the path to become a Certified Benefit Corporation or B Corp. B Corps ...
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A Caballo vamos pal Monte!

Era una mañana de mayo de no recuerdo bien el año… :), y el plan del día era salir de ...
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A family tradition goes on: Grandmother’s Peruvian Home-made Humitas de Choclo for Mother’s day.

Our aunt Rosa Moreno Garcia is 94 years old and still makes 'Humitas de Choclo' , traditional corn cakes wrapped ...
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About the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: Your questions answered

By Annelies Hamerlinck and Kelly Huaman We made this blog to answer some of our clients frequently asked questions and ...
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Palo santo, the sacred wood of Latin America

By Ellen Weber Passing by houses in Peru and Ecuador it’s very common to smell palo santo. This sacred wood ...
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Discover hidden Maya ruins in the jungle of Palenque

The archeological site of Palenque represents only 3 percent of the total Mayan city that was functioning until the 9th ...
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