Hear and feel the soul of ancient sounds in the Sacred Valley of the Incas with Tito La Rosa.and the 7 principles of life in the Andean cosmovision.Harmonious interrelationships Sacralization The power of diversity Duality Munay: the energy of Love Ayni: The cosmic law of reciprocity ComplementarityWritten by Pablo Moreno (Vamos Expeditions) “It can be intimidating that while I play an instrument to think of all the incredible musicians that have played it before me hundreds of years ago. But it is also inspiring at the same time.

Ticonata is a small island in Lake Titicaca.  We started to cooperate with the community almost 20 years when we were looking to bring our groups to different place off the tourist track. The community that owns the island is very friendly, their main living activities are fishing (in beautiful handmade little sailing boats) and agriculture on the mainland in Ccotos.At the beginning we used to come and camp on the island. The local people invited us to have dinner with them, to watch the sunset

Our aunt Rosa Moreno Garcia is 94 years old and still makes 'Humitas de Choclo' , traditional corn cakes wrapped in corn leaves. Rosa makes them for special family celebrations, such as Mother's day and birthdays. Exactly like her mother, Pilar, made them on special occasions that were always celebrated extensively together with her 12 brothers and sisters that all lived together in a big typical colonial house in the city of Trujillo, North Peru. Rosa remembers vividly these beautiful family moments around a full table with plates

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