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A family tradition goes on: Grandmother’s Peruvian Home-made Humitas de Choclo for Mother’s day.

Our aunt Rosa Moreno Garcia is 94 years old and still makes ‘Humitas de Choclo’ , traditional corn cakes wrapped in corn leaves. Rosa makes them for special family celebrations, such as Mother’s day and birthdays. Exactly like her mother, Pilar, made them on special occasions that were always celebrated extensively together with her 12 brothers and sisters that all lived together in a big typical colonial house in the city of Trujillo, North Peru. Rosa remembers vividly these beautiful family moments around a full table with plates of duck, pork, chicken and without doubt the master plate of Humitas de choclo could not be missed.

Swinging the ‘batan’, a traditional ‘stone mill’ from one side to the other to mill the corn together with aji amarillo.

Rosa shares her secrets with us and while moves happily the stone ‘batan’ on the rythm of her favorite songs, La Sonora Matancera, and old Cuban music.

Cooking the ingredients and chicken.



Starting to fill the humitas into corn leaves.
Closing the humitas inside the corn leaves.
Humitas de Choclo by our Peruvian grandmother. Home-made cooking in Lima, Peru.
Humitas wrapped in corn leaves, now they only need to be cooked in hot water and

Ready! Mmmm..!

If you like to participate in our family’s home-made cuisine, don’t hesitate to contact us. Ramiro (aunt Rosa’s nephew) will tell you the family’s stories, take you under his wing while buying local products at the market and show you how various traditional meals and drinks are made in a home setting. Ramiro is a passionate home cook, who learned from the tradition of all his aunts and mother from a very early age and had classes from the famous Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio.

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