Our mission

Provide safe, Life-enriching adventures that support sustainable development, cultural heritage and the environment.

Our vision

We achieve 100% customer satisfaction and are considered a strong ally of positive change by our community partners.

Our Core Values

Safety first

Our clients’ safety is our main goal and we follow strict working procedures and rules. Our staff and guides are experienced, certified professionals who undergo continual training and evaluation. We have extensive knowledge of and support networks in all places where we travel to pro-actively plan for the safest trip possible and respond to any needs that arise during trips. We provide all necessary equipment to support our clients’ safety and use only high-quality, well-maintained gear. With the pandemic we have also implemented protocols of bio-security.


Writing down our values, mission and vision is not enough. We believe in the meaning of our words and show it by conducting business in a professional and ethical manner.

Environmental and Social Commitment.

We are social entrepreneurs in heart and soul and as a Certified B Corporation we strive with our business to contribute to the conservation of nature and cultural heritage and the sustainable development of the communities with which we work. 

Honesty, Integrity and Respect.

We believe our clients, service providers and associates deserve honesty in all aspects of our business. We respect others’ views, opinions, traditions and values. 

Flexibility, Eagerness and Willingness.

We always look how to exceed our clients’ needs in a fair manner with genuine desire to serve.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

We pro-actively seek opportunities to learn and improve all aspects of our business

Fun, Courtesy and Cheerfulness

We want our organization to be a pleasant place to work and the best to travel with. We treat our clients in a courteous manner and with a friendly smile and never underestimate the importance of having fun.

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