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Expert Insider knowledge

We live here! Latin America covers a vast and diverse area and creating a holiday can be hard. All of our staff has deep local roots and connections, not just gained from a few trips. You benefit directly from our intimate knowledge of Latin America and unparalleled depth of personal experience that we thoughtfully apply to each itinerary.

Total peace of mind

Because we are physically in the places where you will travel, we are always close to you in case you need any type of assistance during your journey. You’ll have 24/7 contact information all along the way while traveling, and our staff, professional guides and extensive network of friends will be here for you every step of the way for anything you need.

Top private guides

We are uncompromising when it comes down to the quality of our guides. Our partners know that Vamos has a reputation for top guides. All our staff are selected based upon their level of experience, personal integrity and genuine sense of hospitality. You’ll be amazed at the friends you’ll make, the insight you’ll gain, and the quality of experience you’ll have by exploring in the company of our guides.

Hand-picked Accommodations

We avoid the big chain hotels. At Vamos we work with a wide range of accommodations from small family-run B&Bs to exclusive boutique lodges. While other companies will propose itineraries where they can get the best rates or where they know they can easily find space. We prioritize your interests and look for accommodations with charm and native warmth where you will have the best experience. We also like to include properties with inspiring missions, for example hotels of which the profit goes to feed and give healthcare to local street children. For those who prefer a truly local experience in rural areas home stays are a great choice. Camping comfortably under the stars is another captivating option. There are a lot of possibilities.

Boutique style travel

We avoid the big tour buses, big cruise ships, big hotel chains, crowded tourist markets, and generally anything mass tourism or excessively commercialized. We like to go off the beaten path and our guides know how to get you to see the best places at the least crowded times, our hotels reflect the best of local culture, and we view each trip as an opportunity to get creative, to think hard about what would make the trip truly special and unique. You’ll see this reflected in things large and small along the way in your travels

Unbeatable value

Because we are based in Latin America we can operate directly without any intermediaries. This way we are able to be right by your side while you travel and are we able to keep our costs lower which benefits you. But it is not just a matter of our affordable prices; it’s also what we include that makes the value of our trips so good. All internal flights and transport, airport transfers, nice centrally located accommodation that reflect the essence of your destination, comprehensive sightseeing, great adventures, the service of experienced guides and staff– we take care of all this, and more.

Purpose-full and regenerative travel

We make it possible for you to travel in a way that does good for the world, that protects and restores wildlife, honors and supports the local people and fosters economic prosperity. As a Certified B Corporation, we work under the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and contribute with worthy projects in the rural communities we work with, creating positive impact in the lives of both locals and our travelers alike. By using smaller boutique properties, and well paid staff and guides, we ensure that each of our trips add positively to the destinations we serve.

Total Flexibility

We’ll help you create and design the holiday that is ideal for you. Have a go yourself or just let us know your available time, your must-sees, preferences and special interests. We will suggest an itinerary and from then on it is a matter of fine-tuning so that you get exactly what you want

Richer Discoveries

Because of our personal relationship with the people and the places you will visit, you will be treated as a friend and have the chance to explore all the important attractions and go beyond them to dine at home with native families, visit local schools, taste new foods, enjoy craft classes with a local artisan, attend folkloric festivities and encountering new ways of life. All of which greatly enhance the experience and contribute to an increased personal cultural awareness.

Suggested itineraries and worry-free multi-country tours

For each country we provide suggested itineraries to stimulate your imagination and provide a sample of what is possible. They are not fixed and we expect you to alter or tweak them – add extra days, link with other countries or enjoy a beach at the end. Of course you don’t have to stop at one country, many tours cross borders and we can of course arrange trips taking in as many countries as you wish. Nothing is too complex. Contact us and consult one of our experts. Everything is possible –almost!

The Best Food

By knowing our destinations intimately, we will direct you to the best local restaurants so you can taste the authenticity of our destinations. We know finding the right spots to eat is one of the things that can separate the good trips from the truly great trips.

Our Excellent Reviews

Our clients can often say it better than we can. Check out independent review sites such as Google Review, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor and more and see why our travelers rate us 5 stars.

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