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Costa Rica

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“Costa Rica is a friendly, safe and undeniable beautiful country. It is an ideal tropical paradise for nature-lovers, family and adventure travelers.”


Need to know


Spanish (English is the second official language for a large part ofthe population)

Local currency

The official currency is the colón


San José is the capital of the country

National dish

The gallo pinto is the national dish


It is home to 6%of the whole planet’s biodiversity

More information about Costa Rica

Something incredible about Costa Rica is that within short travel distances you can explore jungle rivers in the rainforest, mind-blowing landscapes, misty cloud forests,

volcanoes and world class beaches, both on the Pacific and the Caribbean coast.

The best time to travel to Costa Rica is during the dry season: from November to April. Despite being called the dry season you may still expect a quick down pour at any time in this tropical country.

Summer: (Dec. – Febr.): Dry season, almost no rain, best time to go.

Autumn: (March – Apr.): Dry season, it can get really hot on the Pacific side.

Winter: (Jun. – Aug.): Rainy season. July usually has less rain than June and August.

Spring: (Sept. – Oct.): September and October are peak rainy season in Costa Rica this period is best avoided for travelers.  It will rain a lot everywhere.

(Nov.): In November the rain stops, making this an excellent month for travel to Costa Rica, before the high season sets in.

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