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This is a photo blog from a private 3000 km 4X4 tour through South Peru. Landscapes, nature and archeological sites.

We explain in this article that Machu Picchu will stay open all year round. There will be maintenance work on the trails to the Huayna Picchu mountain and Machu Picchu mountain in April 2016, but this will not affect the normal entrance to the archeological Inca site of Machu Picchu.

El Perú es un país milenario y pluricultural, lleno de experiencias que te van a encantar. Si eres de las personas que les gusta las actividades al aire libre y la aventura, el Perú es un país que no puedes dejar de visitar. Aquí te dejamos 8 cosas que no te perderás si vienes a Perú. If you are an outdoor and adventure seeker, history admirer and nature lover Peru is the place to go!Peru counts with many natural and cultural treasures that have fascinated people for hundreds of

Photos & Text by Pablo Moreno Romaní and Annelies Hamerlinck Viajar a Puno es sentir la claridad, y poder ver en su gente y geografía lo "puro, claro, quechua, aymará, vivo, alegre, rojo, verde, azul, fiesta, amable, frío, caliente, quinua, sopa" de esa regiónUn par de días en un pueblo maravilloso, Lago Titicaca- Puno- Perú A few days in a wonderful place at Titicaca Lake, the highest navigable lake in the worldLos niños siempre los más entusiastas, lindos, vestidos como de fiesta, para un día normal en ellos, y festivo para

The Magical Water Circuit of Lima is the largest water fountain compound in the world, certified by Guinness World Records. Here you can enjoy a wonderful display of water, light, music and images presented in the Reserve Park, one of Lima's most beautiful urban areas."Magic Fountain" is the largest fountain in the Park of the ReserveThe Fantasia Fountain, site of a regularly scheduled laser and picture show, is 120 m in length and contains jets that are synchronized to musicThe Children's Fountain A typical attraction where local families,

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