This is a photo blog from a private 3000 km 4X4 tour through South Peru. Landscapes, nature and archeological sites.

Photos & Text by Pablo Moreno Romaní and Annelies Hamerlinck Viajar a Puno es sentir la claridad, y poder ver en su gente y geografía lo "puro, claro, quechua, aymará, vivo, alegre, rojo, verde, azul, fiesta, amable, frío, caliente, quinua, sopa" de esa regiónUn par de días en un pueblo maravilloso, Lago Titicaca- Puno- Perú A few days in a wonderful place at Titicaca Lake, the highest navigable lake in the worldLos niños siempre los más entusiastas, lindos, vestidos como de fiesta, para un día normal en ellos, y festivo para

In Lima, the churches are greater relevance sites , which are an important reference both historical and architectural details and designs. Limenas churches are own of the colonial era in which the Spanish influences achieved some buildings such as the that we enjoyed until our days. In Lima, the most important churches are located in the historical center of the city, where the highlight are the following:LA CATEDRAL DE LIMA Located in the Plaza San Martin, block 2 of Jiron Carabaya, District of Lima. This is the main church

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