This is a photo blog from a private 3000 km 4X4 tour through South Peru. Landscapes, nature and archeological sites.

Text and Photos by: Pablo Moreno Romani No hay playa más controversial, mítica, grande y achorada que La Herradura, en Lima //There is no more controversial, legendary and gigant beach than "La Herradura", in LimaÚltima crecida de mayo // Last swell May 2015De quién es la ola? // Who is who in this wave?Fuerte y noble // Strong and nobleLa derecha mas constante de la Costa Verde // The most constant right at the Costa Verde- LimaSacando todo // Giving everythingLos Muelles de San Bartolo- Sur de Lima, lindo balneareo // San Bartolo - South of Lima, nice resortTiene

Text and Photos by: Pablo Moreno Romani El camino norte del Perú está lleno de aventuras y cosas que ver. Si abres un poco los ojos, aunque no lo creas, sobre los carros puedes ver ovejas que, espero estén más cómodas luego del viaje en non business, a 100km por hora. The North Road of Peru is full of adventures and things to do. If you open a bit your eyes, believe it or not, on trucks you can find sheep in non-business, 100 km per hourA la izquierda y derecha del

Is a district of the province of Huarochiri, has a dry climate and sunshine throughout the year. Its beautiful natural landscapes, filled with waterfalls like those of Huanano, Palakala, among others, are the ones that attract travellers who want to get away from the city for a moment. If you want to go out for a walk close to Lima with a great view this is a good option.San Jeronimo de Surco, is a small and cozy town. It is an attractive district agro - eco - tourism,

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