Our aunt Rosa Moreno Garcia is 94 years old and still makes 'Humitas de Choclo' , traditional corn cakes wrapped in corn leaves. Rosa makes them for special family celebrations, such as Mother's day and birthdays. Exactly like her mother, Pilar, made them on special occasions that were always celebrated extensively together with her 12 brothers and sisters that all lived together in a big typical colonial house in the city of Trujillo, North Peru. Rosa remembers vividly these beautiful family moments around a full table with plates

El Perú es un país milenario y pluricultural, lleno de experiencias que te van a encantar. Si eres de las personas que les gusta las actividades al aire libre y la aventura, el Perú es un país que no puedes dejar de visitar. Aquí te dejamos 8 cosas que no te perderás si vienes a Perú. If you are an outdoor and adventure seeker, history admirer and nature lover Peru is the place to go!Peru counts with many natural and cultural treasures that have fascinated people for hundreds of

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