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8 useful applications for your travels to Peru and South America

Have you booked a trip to Peru or South America and are you planning to take your smartphone with you?  Below we give you a list of 8 new applications that can be useful to download. They can help you to prepare for your trip, during and after your travels. 


1. Flight Track 5.2

With this application you can follow the route of thousands of international flights, view maps and get real-time information on thegates , flight delays and cancellations. And now you have the TripDeck service, you just have to register and forward your confirmation emails to all your flights appear in the app.


2.Packing Pro

With this app you will know -according to the destination where you go,time
to go and who vascular list of things you might need: passport, money, clothes, gadgets and more.


3. JetLag

Genie With Genie JetLag just have to enter your travel dates, destination and the hours you sleep normally. The app will be responsible for scheduling specific alarms in order to get used to sleeping hour

mzl.beawuuev4. Tipulator Tipping

at a restaurant or pub is not just on one side of the world and into another. Happily, for each destination there is a tip calculator that will avoid this kind of embarrassing situations.

unnamed-55. TravelSafe Pro

This app gives you an entire database with key emergency numbers and even information about embassy. And for extremely concerned about their safety, there are options for one-touch access to the police, ambulance and fire.

unnamed6. Speak Quechua

So you can connect and feel more connected to our ancestral language is Quechua Speaks. The application was launched by PromPeru, supported Major Academy of Quechua Language. The languages that have are Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese.

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-15 a la(s) 11.34.547.Museums Mobile

With Mobile Museums have a database of thousands of major museums around the world, where you will find information on traditional and current collections. And you can get the addresses of museums that are around.

images8. Street View

Google has found an innovative way to display more exotic locations like the Amazon jungle. With a Trekker device, a camera mounted on a device originally designed to carry as a backpack shoulder of hikers on trails, could capture strategic locations to enable the user to enjoy. The application is free.

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