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Financial Director, Destinations Specialist.

Financial Director, Destinations Specialist. Pablo is Annelies’ husband. He is an economist, educator, story teller, surfer and nature photographer. Pablo studied his university carreer in Germany and lived in the US and Chile but came back to his roots in Peru because he wanted to apply all he had learned to make his country a better place. Pablo and Annelies


Pablo enjoys travelling, surfing, hiking, bird watching, and photography. Married to Annelies, has two boys, and lives in Puerto Viejo, Cañete, Peru. Pablo is finishing a PhD in governance of organizations.


People describe him as ‘the combination of serious (wise) and fun. His top strengths are Leadership, honesty, love of learning, social intelligence, judgement (thinking things through and examining from all sides, not jumping to conclusions, weighing all evidence fairly), Fairness (giving everyone a fair chance), and Brave (not shrinking from threat, challenge or difficulty, speaking up what’s right even if there’s opposition, acting on convictions even if unpopular).


Language spoken: Spanish (native), German (perfect, as a native), English (good)

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