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Experience our Wildlife trips

Browse some of our most in-depth wildlife viewing itineraries below and then write your custom travel plans to a specialist. These itineraries provide greater opportunities for wildlife viewing, birdwatching, fishing and deeper exploration of local ecosystems in the company of skilled nature guides. Many of our travelers want to combine traditional cultural highlights with enhanced opportunities for viewing wildlife in its natural habitat. We can customize any of the itneraries on our website to include more wildlife viewing opportunities.

Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands (15 Days)

Iguazu Falls

Luxury Patagonia Trip: Chile and Argentina

Patagonia and Easter Island (luxury)

Patagonia: End of the Year at the End of the World

Peru Adventure With Coffee And Cacao Trek (19 Days)

Peru And Bolivia Luxury Express (11 Days)

Private 4×4 road trip through the Mayan World (12 Days)

Ultimate 4×4 Road Trip Peru

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